We are Kreatippci. A studio, that specialises in unique, one of creations. We work exclusively with clean and quality materials. Such as glass, wood, ceramics and metal. Our creative team is excited to present our


About us




Experienced minds in a young body

Even though, our Studio was founded only a few months back, our individual experiences span over couple of decades. This unique combination of both professional and artistic experience, creates for a powerful team.

Our creative family

Roman is the creative essence in our team. He loves to combine materials, that make for rather unusual, but certainly spectacular creations.

Jano is our main driving force, pushing our minds and creative processes to their limits. He makes sure, that we finish projects on time and up to our standards.

Zuzka sets our craziest of ideas back to reality and gives us directions, with her out of the box thinking. Her main focus is the work with fabric and presentation of our brand.

Sustainable beyond definition

In our work, we bring old and forgotten things back to life. While doing that, we apply the rule of 3R. Reshape. Recycle. Reuse.

Handcrafted with ❤️

Each one of our projects is unique in every shape, way or form. This way, we can make sure, our creative minds face a challenge with every project we take up.